Hare Krsna 

Welcome to Dasi Studio™

Inspired by the teachings of Bhakti Yoga from the sacred Vedic scriptures. Bhakti means love or devotion. Devotion means to serve. Yoga means to connect with The Divine. Our goal is to serve conscious content, clothing and apparel in a way that is sustainable, ethical, and as an offering to the Divine couple – Shree Radha and Krishna. By supporting Dasi Studio™, you are supporting a small business striving to make slow fashion with loving intentions. Thank you. 


Our clothing and apparel is sourced ethically from traditional artisans of India. We use sustainable materials such as cotton, vegetable dyes, and pure metals. We use sustainable methods such as hand made jewelry, hand made clothing, hand dying, and making items to order, as not to waste energy and resources unnecessarily.