Welcome to Dasi Studio™

As a clothing brand with our focus around sustainability and ethics, our goal is to create timeless and unique pieces to be worn and loved endlessly; not only for the sake of self expression, but for the sake of highlighting and preserving ancient methods of garment making like block print, handloom, and botanical dying. We produce slow fashion in small batches that is both handmade and ethically sourced from artisans in rural India. We use only natural fibers and materials – 100% cotton dresses, saris/sarees, scarves, harem pants, pure silk shawls, 925 silver adornments, and other various ethnic wear. Absolutely zero fast fashion and zero synthetic materials. If you are looking for garments that tell a story, are made with loving intentions, and come to you in a fair way, then look no further. Thank you for supporting our small project, deeply rooted in love for Indian textiles and culture. 

Hare Krishna. Radhe Radhe.


Block printing is an ancient technique, originating from regions in Asia, of printing patterns by means of carved wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest, and slowest of all methods of textile printing – the essence of slow fashion. Although a slow process, it is capable of yielding extremely unique results, some of which are impossible by any other method. Still practiced in India today, this incredible craft has been passed down for generations. Our goal is to help preserve it.

What is handloom Weaving?

Another ancient craft that has been practiced in India for many, many years. And, a cottage industry that communities still rely on to this day for their livelihood. Handloom weaving is a slow process of manufacturing clothing and tapestry, completely by hand, without the use of electricity – therefore causing less of a carbon footprint. In India, different regions of the country have specific distinctions of weaves. The yarns are also spun and dyed completely by hand.