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Hiya 👋🏽
I’m Ananda, the founder of Dasi Studio 🫶🏽

Dropping in to share that this clothing brand intentionally creates 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 Our bead bags are made from our fabric scraps!

I especially love searching for fabric that’s almost forgotten. You know, the one in the way back, with only very little left. I LOVE these types of finds. And then using them to make something beautiful and unique! Something that isn’t massively made and something that is limited by design. Something one of a kind, and especially made for you - bespoke!

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Obsessed with our Oat Raw Silk trousers 🤍

I practically live in mine. They are so comfortable and pretty ✨

Available for purchase on our website 🕸
We ship worldwide 🗺

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A special one of a kind thing - that’s our jam 🍯

Here’s a thing we did for @harmonistsanctuary
Beautiful blockprinted bags 🌞

Yes we do wholesale, contact us 💌

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Working hard to release our new collection for the holidays 💕

Trying to balance morherhood, sanity, and work is no joke 🤪

Expect block print, handloom, and botanically dyed lovely things, as always 🥰

#plantdyes #slowfashion #slowfashionbrand #slowfashiontiktok #slowfashionmovement #botanicaldyes #handlooms

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Exclusive Dasi Studio japa bead bag 📿

Made from fabric scraps of hand loom and block print. Hand stitched and made with intention. Each bag comes with a free tulsi counter 🪵

Available to USA only 🇺🇸
$15 USD + $5 shipping
Dm to purchase 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

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Hello dear Dasi community 👋

I’ve been a bit quiet on this end. Lately, I’m taking a lot of time for myself and holding space to just be. The creative process is tricky; it’s a vulnerable position yet exhilarating.

This summer has brought a lot of perspective for me as I begin to look forward and ask myself: what’s next. I hope to be able to share more of my (he)art with you all.

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I had to jump on this trend with audio from The Sound of Music. Maria, the main character, is my forever fashion inspiration.

I’m obsessed with this outfit. Entirely curated with intention 🫶🏽

We consciously produce slow and handmade garments. We are advocates for ethical fashion and shopping secondhand is a great option, too.
Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always adored thrift shopping and secondhand pieces. I’ve always loved pieces that have a history, tell a story, and are intentionally consumed.

Do you secondhand shop?

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The perfect summer dress 🌞
Available at dasistudio.com ⌨️

We ship worldwide 💌

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Visit dasistudio.com
for discounts on unique pieces 🌞

Dresses, sarees, scarves, shawls, skirts and up cycled silk.
Every order comes with a free gift 💝

We ship worldwide 💌
Tap the link to shop now 👆🏽

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What better gift to give this holiday season than an investment in spiritual practice ? 📿 ...

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The choli and petticoat are the foundation of wearing a sari 🥻

They are what holds it all together 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾
We currently have matching petticoats and cholis to purchase for those of you in the USA 🪷

DM to purchase 💌

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👋🏽 hello ! Thanks for those orders placed over the weekend. I’ll be shipping them out tomorrow. So if you’re thinking about ordering, do so today to have it shipped tomorrow! ...

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Many pieces are now on sale over on our website 🫶🏽

We ship worldwide 💝
Every order gets a free gift 🎁


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New prints on deck 🪩

New things dropping 🔜
Stay tuned dear Dasi Community 🫶🏽

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Raw silk is one of our specialties. Geecha, dupion, otherwise known as raw silk, is an incredible up cycled textile. Made from the waste of traditional mulberry silk, raw silk has a soft yet textured finish. It is completely unique and beautiful. Handmade luxury 🫶🏽 ...

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Have you checked out our website yet? Lots of new goodies and potential holiday gifts 💝 ...

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Autumn in our handloom harem pants 🧶

Our website is still under maintenance and I’m slowly adding new items

New sarees, bead bags, dresses, kurtis, pants and scarves are coming. Stay tuned.

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Made from 100% handloom cotton and dyed with the ancient ikat resist dying method. A beautiful, fitted, and elegant blouse to pair with pants or a maxi skirt. ...

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Who’s ready for new harem pants? 🙋🏽‍♀️ ...

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Incredible blockprint detail

We ship worldwide 💌
Visit dasistudio.com ⌨️

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👋🏽 hello , I’m still working on the website, little by little adding new beautiful things for you all.

Thank you for your patience. I’m hoping to be finished in the next week. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek 🌞

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Ikat Handloom Messenger bag 💼

A 100% cotton handmade bag with pockets for your goodies 🧚🏽

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YOU GUYS! Some final items just arrived and I’m wrapping up the finalizing of our site.

Very exciting things on the way and I can’t wait to share it with you all 🎉❤️

Exciting freebies for your purchases too! 🥳

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Weaves and indigenous textiles 🪢🪢🪢 ...

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Sweet and delicate 🌻
100% botanically dyed cotton dresses that feel good on your skin ✨

Intentionally handmade 🫶🏽
Visit our website to shop now

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Feeling emotional about this trend. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ins and outs of this shop. It’s always a work in progress of figuring out how to progress. Lately, I’ve found much more compassion for myself and others by sympathizing with our inner child.

Some things are in the works but it’s all not clear yet. Praying for patience 😅 and the determination to continue my search.

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Our harem pants make for a great gift to yourself or your friends this holiday season ❄️ ...

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Here’s a dress I designed for myself in mind… perfect for summer and lovely to layer too. I might have enough fabric to make only one more 😏

Made from 100% block printed cotton - dyed with plants 🌱
I especially love the belt that compliments your natural form 🫶🏽

Intentionally handmade through slow and traditional methods 💕
DM for details 💌

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Soaking up the last of the summer sun with my baby girl 👼🏽

What do you think about this dress? It was a new design I was experimenting with. And after analysing and testing it out, I found that I love it 😎

Want to order?
Message me for details 💌
We can only make one more with this fabric ☝🏽

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The art of draping a saree🥻🤍 ...

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Made from a blend of raw silk and cotton, this incredible shawl is one of a kind – being completely handmade from the fabric to the dyeing process. This unique piece has been clamp dyed and features tassels on the ends.

Size: 2 meters x 61 cm

We ship worldwide 💌
Visit dasistudio.com 👈🏽

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Summer sale is happening over on our website 🌞

Deals up to 50% off 🫶🏽
Worldwide shipping 💌


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Dasi Studio enters The Harmonist Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado 🏔

I had so much fun playing with plant dyes in my dear friend’s incredible textile studio . What a dreammmm ✨

We upcycled t-shirts i purchased from Goodwill and used marigolds from garlands that were used to decorate the altar from the nearby Radha Krishna temple.

#upcycle #plantdyes #bundledyed #secondhandfashion

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Cherry Blossom Blockprint Manjari Dress 🌸

Made from 100% soft block printed cotton. This dress is flowy and elegant for your little one. This piece is one of a kind – SIZE 22. It is completely unique and cannot be duplicated. The garment is 12 inches from arm pit to arm pit.

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Summer sale is happening on our website NOW 💋

Visit dasistudio.com 👈🏽
We ship worldwide 💌

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